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[WATCH]: BGL News – Water Charges report

Hey guys! We know you all have been waiting with bated breath for this, so we’re happy to say the final edit of our fictional water charges report from BGL News is now available to view on YouTube (Watch it as many times as you like – and dont forget to ‘Like’!!!).

This video was created as part of college coursework for the Media, Discourse & Analysis module, 4th Year Creative Media, DKiT (Some footage sourced from rte.ie under fair use – we do not claim to own this sourced footage).

Hope you guys like it!:

To see sources of where research and statistics used in the video were taken, as well as some stills from shooting, check out some of the earlier BGL blog posts!

Slán go fóill! 🙂


Stills from shooting…

As a taster for the video (Dear God the suspense…), heres a few stills taken from footage taken during shooting the video:

Water fountain

Water fountain

DKiT - Carrolls building

DKiT – Carrolls building



Vox pops - Elena Rimeikaite

Vox pops – Elena Rimeikaite

Siobhán Gallagher & James Butterly - Method acting

Siobhán Gallagher & James Butterly – Method acting

More super research!…

Water charges

Water charges

Following some group discussions on what kind of news report our video would cover, we came to the realisation that while the household tax and the water charge are covered in Irish news media throughout both physical tabloids and broadsheets, and through occasional news story on the television – there is very little or very few official news broadcasts or video reports covering the two stories and available to view online.

House hold tax

House hold tax

With few news media broadcasts on the water charge therefore, we would have little to refer to, or sample video clips for our own video. Therefore we decided to incorporate news elements of both the household tax and the water charge, as they are very often referred to together in a report, while also providing us with sufficient online content to relate to. As can be seen in the following research links, we gathered information on both topics:

Graph on intentions to pay household tax before March deadline – cedarlounge.files.wordpress.com



Household charge paid by 805,000 before deadline – irishexaminer.com



One million still to pay household charge ahead of tonight’s deadline – irishtimes.com


One million still to pay household charge ahead of tonight’s deadline – independent.ie


790,000 registered for Household Charge – rte.ie

Links and tabs to RTE News broadcasts covering the two stories may also be seen here. Some footage from these broadcasts has been selected under (fair use) for use in our own news video – obtained by capturing the video from the screen and brought into the video edit.


Just over 3,000 pay household tax in Louth – argus.com



Irish water charges – Research



As part of this CA for Media, Discourse & Analysis – we as a group are required to create a video about a current issue in Ireland. The video may contain archive content under fair usage, such as images, audio and video. The video must also contain original footage shot by ourselves, as well as all content in the video being edited by ourselves. The piece must reflect on what we have discussed in the module over the course of this semester.

The curent issue in Ireland we are considering basing this video on, is the current discussion about the introduction of water charges. As such, we are carrying out research on the topic and familiarizing ourselves with the debate and what kind of news stories have all ready been presented on it. The following are a collection of articles and videos we are currently studying:

Articles on water charge in Ireland

Ireland to charge water for first time – National Geographic – 10/02/12:


Minister for Environment Phil Hogan announces Irish Water to be subsidiary of Bord Gais – 18/04/12:


Group to fight water charges – Irish Examiner – 19/04/12


Taoseach rebuffs queries on water charges – Irishtimes.com – 23/04/12:


Pay water charges or be cut off – Independent.ie -23/04/12:


Ministers apology over water meter confusion – Irishtimes.com – 23/04/12:



Putting Media, Discourse and Analysis into practice…

BGLProductions & BeGrandLike Productions is a 4th Year Creative Media group project (2011 – 2012), for the Media, Discourse & Analysis module in DKiT.

We aim to develop a fictional media piece based on a current issue in Ireland – incorporating the different elements of media discourse and analysis we have examined over the course of the previous few months.

BGL Productions is a group effort consisting of the efforts of 4th year Creative meadia students James Butterly, Siobhan Gallagher and Eamonn Cahill.

Stay tuned! 🙂