Stills from shooting…

As a taster for the video (Dear God the suspense…), heres a few stills taken from footage taken during shooting the video:

Water fountain

Water fountain

DKiT - Carrolls building

DKiT – Carrolls building



Vox pops - Elena Rimeikaite

Vox pops – Elena Rimeikaite

Siobhán Gallagher & James Butterly - Method acting

Siobhán Gallagher & James Butterly – Method acting


Putting Media, Discourse and Analysis into practice…

BGLProductions & BeGrandLike Productions is a 4th Year Creative Media group project (2011 – 2012), for the Media, Discourse & Analysis module in DKiT.

We aim to develop a fictional media piece based on a current issue in Ireland – incorporating the different elements of media discourse and analysis we have examined over the course of the previous few months.

BGL Productions is a group effort consisting of the efforts of 4th year Creative meadia students James Butterly, Siobhan Gallagher and Eamonn Cahill.

Stay tuned! 🙂